Karina’s Story

Articulate, driven and vivacious, Karina is 22 years old and has made quite a name for herself in the international surf world. Surfing since she was two and competing since she was nine years old, Karina holds numerous wins including winning the Eastern, U.S. and National Championship titles in the same year, and has back-to-back silver medals in the World Jr Games. Karina was, and still is, the last female from the East Coast of America to qualify for the ASP World Championship Tour. From a very young age, Karina has been endorsed by many labels such as Roxy,Vans, Body Glove, Chevrolet, SoBe/Pepsi, Oakley, Casio and more. As she entertains the offers that are pouring in, she is very selective and meticulous about her image and the sponsors she represents.

Born in the American Canal Zone at the Isthmus of Panama, Karina grew up in an amazing paradise in her jungle home next to the Panama Canal. Her father was a sea captain taking ships through the Panama Canal and her Norwegian mother was the ever-loving homemaker. Karina began surfing with her father and brother at the age of two. Barefoot with fishing pole and machete in hand, adventure was her life, giving her the nickname “Mowgli.” Karina lived an outdoor life many would find hard to fathom as she spent most of her time in the jungle, exploring, surfing and fishing the undiscovered coasts of Panama. In 2000, her family moved to the U.S. which was a difficult adjustment for 12-year-old Karina. Stricken by the overwhelming culture shock, Karina focused her energy towards surfing now more than ever, and her family’s new beachfront home in Atlantic Beach, Florida provided her the training ground where she could hone her surf skills towards competitive surfing.

Karina’s talent as a surfer has attracted the attention of the surfing industry, and her good looks have landed her modeling jobs in other industries as well. She appeared in publications such as Girls Life, Teen People, All About You, Cosmo Girl, Teen Vogue, FHM, and was featured on ads, billboards, and posters for watches, clothes, shoes, swimwear, skin products, automobiles, and soft drinks. Karina has been styled in couture by fashion giant Versace, and has collaborated with high-end New York fashion designer, Rachel Roy.

Karina appeared in the 2009 Academy Award winning documentary “The Cove,” which follows a team of activists and athletes who attempt to uncover the secret slaughtering of dolphins in a small seaside town in Japan. Karina has also represented Oceana, an oceans advocacy nonprofit organization which focuses on water/beach quality, fisheries and fish habitat, and marine sanctuaries.

Karina sets a high standard and fine example for other young people who wish to pursue their goals in life. With her strong convictions, Karina is devoted to her family and Christian upbringing. Her priorities are obvious as she carries herself like a young lady, well beyond her 22 years. She will be the first to speak out against drugs, alcohol abuse, smoking and anything that reflects youth in a negative manner. Karina is an individual who not only stands her ground but exudes star quality. Be it her amazing athletic ability and fierce competitive nature in the water, her girlish giggle, breathtaking beauty or charismatic spokesmodel confidence, one can’t help being drawn to her angelic appeal.

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